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The "Hexagon" collection is tailor-made for the professional chef who wants the best cut price / quality without all the worries that carbon steel entails.

This is thanks to the Sanmai steel that wears a carbon steel core inside a stainless steel jacket.

In the handle, use has been made of the "Forged Carbon Fiber" technology, developed by none other than Lamborghini.

When applying this technology, all carbon fibers fit together like puzzle pieces, making it much easier to create complex shapes.

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The Sanmai steel is made by master smith Achim Wirtz. He has developed a carbon steel (SC125) to challenge the famous Japanese steel .

This is because Europeans have been masters of steel for centuries and want to put this lost art back on track.

The combination of all these exotic materials ensures that a Hexagon knife becomes a real racing horse in your kitchen. Very fast, razor-sharp and perfectly balanced.


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